About Us

A Little Happy is located in the heart of 5 Points at 715 Saluda Avenue. Ashley Lindler, the owner & CFM (Chief Fun Manager), desired to create a fun, welcoming & bright space for teens & tweens to shop for their besties once they graduated from toy shops. Two years later the shop has evolved into a space for just about anyone who has a love for the fun & quirky. 

And what is A Little Happy anyways? Why not A Lot Happy? Ashley’s best friend Nici is one of the most thoughtful gift givers in her life. So many times she would tell Ashley “I have a little happy for you,”  which means nothing big, just a little something to make you smile. 

We like to say we have nothing of necessity in our shop except smiles & laughs. Our goal is for you to pass along that joy with each little happy you share.